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Patient Testimonials

Read about the miraculous turnarounds Dr. Caravone's patients have experienced. 

Healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery

Dr. Caravone first introduced me to Maya abdominal therapy through Miss Beatrice (a Maya healer, midwife, and shaman) when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  I was blessed to have several treatments during her stay in the U.S. and learned first-hand the benefits of this treatment during pregnancy.  It is so therapeutic to have gentle loving hands to nurture your abdomen while this beautiful life is growing inside, encouraging proper flow of fluids and nutrients for a strong healthy pregnancy and ultimately labor and delivery.  Between my first and second pregnancies Dr. Caravone became trained and professionally certified in ATMAT.  With my second pregnancy, I was blessed again to have Maya abdominal Therapy, and this time by Dr. Caravone.  She has inspired me with this amazing treatment I have gone on to use the self care and have realized the benefits from menstruation to pregnancy labor and post partum, with added benefits in digestion and an overall sensation of ease, connection and deep love.  Also I think the treatments open up the diaphragm in a way that allows more laughter into your life.  The benefits seem endless... Thank you Dr. Caravone!

  • "Butter birth"
  • pregnancy discomforts (heartburn and sciatic pain) gone

I saw Dr. Caravone for Arvigo Abdominal therapy while I was pregnant with my 2nd child.  (My first pregnancy had gone well but I ended up with a c-section.)  I felt great all through my second pregnancy and Dr. Caravone's treatment helped my heartburn and got rid of my sciatic pain.  The treatments made me feel so cared for and I felt like I really got to connect with my baby (which is hard to do when you are working and taking care of a family!).  My midwife said my 2nd baby's birth was a "butter birth."  I was in labor for 3 hours and only had to push a few times!  It was so wonderful and I know the Arvigo abdominal work was a huge part of it. 


Healing from pneumonia naturally

My husband developed pneumonia this winter.  Although Dr. Caravone could have written a prescription for antibiotics, she gave us resources and powerful herbs to use  to get him through without antibiotics, as I had requested.  It was such a blessing to be able to take care of my family naturally and not have to go to a hospital where many people become more ill than what they came in with.  She was calm and always available for my questions and to calm my fears.  Thank you!

Instant relief from the flu and its symptoms

Dr. Caravone is a wise and talented healer. After 5 days of flu symptoms I went to Urgent Care. The doctor there there told me that there was nothing that he could do for me and that I'd be feeling badly for another 7-10 days. I made an appointment with Dr. Caravone and she suggested two simple things for me to take and I had immediate results. In two days I was well enough to complete a major project for work. I was amazed how quickly I recovered and am so thankful to have Dr. Caravone in my life.

  • "PTSD
  • Bronchial infection (without prescription antibiotics)
  • psoriasis
  • permanent reversal of chronic constipation
  • mental and physical balance

Dr. Caravone has been my doctor for almost two years. She is the most warm, intuitive, and knowledgeable physician(§) I could have ever wished for.


I was directed to Dr. Caravone when I requested a referral to a NMD(*) that dealt with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of my childhood sexual abuse. I knew I did not want to go the way of “Western” medicine with anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications. Through gemstone therapy, acupuncture, incredible herbal tea blends, and wonderful tonics...I have found a mental and physical balance that I have never known.


Dr. Caravone has brought relief to my digestive system after dealing with 30+years of chronic constipation issues. She has shown me a safe, natural treatment for my psoriasis. She even helped me through a terrible bronchial infection without the use of antibiotics and I know that my body is all the stronger for that.


I would highly recommend Dr. Caravone to anyone seeking effective, natural healthcare from a truly caring doctor.



(§) In Arizona, medically trained Naturopathic Doctors are known also as Naturopathic Physicians.

(*) In Arizona, NMD is used for Naturopathic Medical Doctors licensed there.

No more menstrual pain!

The start of my cycle was so severe that I missed two to three days of my life every single month, lying on my couch trying to find a comfortable position while waiting for pain killers to "take the edge off." I was afraid to plan anything near when my irregular cycle might start, as I knew I wouldn't be available. After being told "that's just the way it is" by many Western medical professionals, I was down to hoping for early menopause. Luckily, I started treatment with Dr. Caravone. I loved how the non-invasive remedies worked with my body (no side-effects!) and how she always provided me with compassion and hope by saying, "if this doesn't work don't worry, there are so many other remedies we can try." Today, my cycle is regular and barely a fluctuation each month. I remain in awe of how much I have been able to improve with Dr. Caravone's attention and care. And, I'm thrilled to be able to continue my journey with her, working on other facets of health improvement!

Reversing high blood pressure, high cholesterol for good

Dr. Caravone is a wonderful doctor.  When I first came to see Dr. Caravone, I had high blood pressure and borderline high cholesterol.  The doctor I had been seeing for 18 years wanted to put me on medication for my blood pressure and was concerned about my cholesterol too.  I wanted to fix my health problems naturally and Dr. Caravone helped me do that.  She put me on a veggie/fruit cleanse and educated me on the food choices I was making. She was very supportive and very knowledgeable!!  My cholesterol went from 222 to 156!!  My blood pressure is now at a healthy level too.  Two years later, I am still doing great, feeling great, and eating healthy!  I wouldn't be where I am today without Dr. Caravone!   


Correcting cervical dysplasia and abnormal pap smears

"I did the Arise and Shine 28 day cleanse in October 2011 under the supervision of Dr. Caravone, there were a variety of reasons for wanting to do this cleanse the main one being to correct a series of abnormal pap smears and cervical dysplasia. The cleanse was an amazing experience and I struggle to put into words what it did for me in addition to correcting the cervical dysplasia. Her support, knowledge and experience were what got me through to the end.  It and Dr Caravone have changed my life"

Signifcant improvement in tremors, cataracts, hearing, and urinary tract discomforts
Permanent digestive health recovery

I got tired of taking medications that “might help in relieving ailment X” while watching for side effects ad infinitum.  Sometimes the meds worked, sometimes they didn’t. …

 In recent years I’ve begun to develop a bad tremor in my fingers, have dealt with tinnitus most of my life, floaters and developing cataracts in my eyes and had to deal with some urinary tract discomfort. … When the shakes got so bad that I couldn’t even cut an onion without taking a sliver of skin off my finger tip I got up one morning and took my trunk full of grouchy causes and spoke about the whole bag of worms with my newly acquired NMD(*), Dr. Caravone. …

The fingers still shake some, but not like before and I haven’t found any skin parts of myself in the dinner.  The floaters in my eyes are significantly reduced.  Still have the tinnitus, but seem to be able to hear a bit better than before (something I wouldn’t dare have admitted if my wife was still alive).  I was also packing an extra twenty pounds around which I got rid of during an herbal cleanse a year and a half ago and that’s remained constant.  The urinary matter has also improved quite noticeably. … In fact, I’ve fired Medicare and use that money to purchase the needed supplements.  That’s close to an even trade and I feel better than I have in twenty years. 

(*) In Arizona, NMD is used for Naturopathic Medical Doctors licensed there.

Choosing an alternative med practitioner is often an intuitive process, and I'm happy to say that I chose you at the right time in the recovery of my digestive health. As a practitioner, you inspire confidence since your approach is rigorous, yet comprehensive. You think creatively about the "whole person", how the treatment you prescribe effects healing, while also encouraging the maintenance of long-term health. The result is that I walk away feeling more whole and alive, and less like a list of symptoms. Thank you for your dedication and gifts.

Pregnancy care, easy labor, post-partum care

I went to Dr. Caravone in my third trimester of pregnancy because I was retaining some water and wanted to feel some relief in my body. This was my first experience with Maya Abdominal Therapy and I had heard that it was incredibly positive for pregnant women, as well as women overall. And, wow, was it a truly wonderful experience. Not only did I feel the healing touch was positive for the home-birth of my baby girl, I also felt that it was positive in my overall treatment from a well respected, kind and intuitive doctor.

Not only did I do this while pregnant, I also had a session after birth to bring all the moving parts back together, which was an intense experience and WELL worth it. My body responded really well, I have no belly fat and am back to pre-pregnancy weight. I still have strong core muscles (and I don't work out necessarily). I highly recommend giving this woman-centered, powerful abdominal therapy a try.

Dr. Caravone is a gem and will help you heal in more ways than one with her expertise.

Post-delivery infant care

Dr. Caravone gave my 6-week-old baby girl(*) a gentle Maya Abdominal Therapy session due to her very colicky type symptoms.  And literally during the therapy, my baby girl made a bowel movement! It worked that quickly. I have continued to use some of her suggestions for my daughter’s health as a newborn.  Thank you! As a new parent, this is one of the harder things to navigate and you helped make that an effortless transition. 
(*) Naturopathic Physicians treat patients of all ages in Arizona.

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