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Have you ever wished that there was a medical doctor that was well-versed in restorative medicine?  If so, Naturopathic Medicine is the type of health care you have been looking for.  Many people are surprised to hear that there exist medically-trained physicians that are also experts in reversal philosophy.  Naturopathic Doctors are the true bridge between scientific modern medicine and the ancient wisdom of natural healing.


Dr. Caravone is on sabbatical and planning for her new endeavors in education.  She is currently referring patients to Drs. Cook and Lensegrav in Arvada, CO ( 720-773-0451) or Dr. Zeff in Washington ( 360-823-8121). 


For Arvigo Therapy, she is referring to DeAna Durbin in Denver (720-320-5270).


For information regarding Dr. Caravone's next project, click here.


Caution: The majority of practitioners that are naturopaths or call themselves Naturopathic Doctors are not medically-trained.  Naturopathy is the only profession where two completely different types of practitioners use similar names, causing confusion for many seeking fully comprehensive healthcare.


A note about our education and training:

Medically-trained NDs are educated similar to MDs and DOs, and are trained to be primary care physicians, while nonmedically-trained naturopaths receive very little education with no pre-med bachelor degree requirement, no medical training, and no physical medicine, acupuncture, minor surgery, etc. as do medically-trained NDs.  At a minimum, medically-trained Naturopathic Doctors must be educated and trained at a similar level of an M.D. in order to receive a License to Practice Medicine and be recognized as a Physician, in at least one state.

Note: Colorado is not currently one of these states.  Although, in Arizona, Dr. Caravone can write prescriptions, practice as a general physician, and has a license to practice medicine similar to an MD or DO, Colorado does not recognize her as a physician.  Dr. Caravone is not presenting herself as an MD or DO in Colorado.


For more information about medically-trained Naturopathic Doctors, visit



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